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In need of new tires?  

Think you need new tires but not sure how to tell, or when it is time to  buy a new set? Come see us  at L&S and we will inspect your tires to see if you are due for a new set. We do this by using an instrument called a 'tire depth gauge' (see below). This measures the tread depth on your tires. Tread depth is measured in 2/32''. 

Preventative Maintenance  

People often don't understand how important automotive repair and vehicle safety are. If your car isn't being properly maintained it can be a big problem. Think of it like your body. If you are sick or are complaining of a sore arm or back you would want to go and get it looked at and have the issue fixed by a doctor. Why not the same for your car? Your car is the most reliable machine you use on a day to day basis and you should want it running its best and to be in proper running shape to get you where you need to go and safely. Since we live in central Ontario we get a lot of everything, sand, dirt, snow, ice, rain and much more weather that can affect the engine and body of your car. In Ontario the only time a car needs to be checked for safety is if the car is being sold. But as a mechanic, it should be checked at least once a year. So to prevent breakdowns, we have come up with a list of things you as a car owner should know. For extra info on this and Preventative Maintenance see the May issue of CARCARE BUSINESS Magazine. This is just a quick summary of the important facts. 

Predicting the predictable- Over 43% of Canadians own a car over 15 years old. Even customers that provide the best possible car care will eventually have to replace the battery, water pump, fuel pump, exhaust system components and other things. Nothing lasts forever. 

Approximate Lifespan of Components- keep an eye on certain parts of the car based on mileage or time so that the proper maintenance can be done when the time comes. 

  • The Battery: expected lifespan of 4-5 years no matter how many km's are driven. 
  • Water Pump: this component fails after 120,000 km's. At 160,000 km's it is a ticking bomb. First signs of wear are antifreeze around the pump vent or shaft
  • Fuel Pump: after 100,000 km's the fuel pump will fail, failures happen abruptly, the engine with suddenly quite  without warning
  • Timing Belt: have a lifespan of 100,000 - 140,000 km's depending on the model make and year 

When to Have Your Vehicle Looked At

If your car is giving you troubles but it doesn't seem as bad as you think, some times it is OK to keep driving your car, but some times it is just doing more damage.  Here are some pointers on when you should bring in your car ASAP!! If any of these things are happening or happen to your vehicle you should see your mechanic as soon as possible. 

  • Black smoke comes the exhaust on accelerationImage result for lights on on dash
  • The engine stalls on acceleration 
  • Engine oil light flickers while driving
  • Temperature gauge always reads hot shortly after start up 
  • Engine lacks power on flat roads and hills
  • Engine Starts but will not stay running
  • Vehicle starts but engine stutters while trying to start
  • Battery warning lights flickers while driving
  • Car headlights seem dim
  • Brakes make a grinding noise
  • Entire vehicle vibrates while applyImage result for lights on on dashing the brakes
  • Grinding noise when shifting into reverse
  • You hear a clunking noise when shifting into gear from park
  • One particular gear doesn't seem to work
  • Front end dives when applying brakes
  • Steering feels loose or sloppy
If you are experiencing any of these problems you must see a mechanic ASAP. Call for an appointment at L & S and we will look over your car and let you know what the problem is if you are having these troubles. 
If you are having more troubles and do not know when you should see a mechanic visit this website.
It has plenty of information that you might be looking for. 

Car Advice 

Battery Problems: 

Common things that will happen if your battery acting up or is dying are things such as: the car is silent when you turn the ignition key, or it may make a clicking noise but wont actually start. The cars headlights might seem dim. The battery light came on while you were driving. If any of these things are happening to you, you could be due for a new battery, you should take your car to your mechanic as soon as you can. Things you can do to make your battery last longer is turn off all lights, headlights interior lights, blinkers and even the radio when the car isn't on. Try not to use the heat or AC when the car isn't actually running or moving. If its an older car and it doesn't get used very often, make sure to go out and turn it on for a few minutes to charge up the battery. Hopefully these things will help you to help your car. If your having problems come see us and we will help you out! 


Oil change prices are different in every different auto repair shop. We have priced ours so that is the most affordable for you and our prices make sense. Every wonder why a job costs as much as it does? Here we will break it down for you costs $4.Image result for oil change00/ literWoil costs $4.50/ liter

Price of the service costs $16.00

Oil filter prices vary depending on the vehicle

So if for example you have a 2006 Chevy Impala and you need an oil change. 

5 liters of oil = $20.00, Oil Filter= $3.70, Labor =$16.00, total= $39.70, +TX=$4.90, GRAND TOTAL= $44.60

We hope this helps you to understand why an oil change might cost more for you then it does for other people. 

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